Common challenges experienced by those in need of therapeutic health care services is the quality of services throughout many health care facilities.

Founder, Ms. Carol Chang was frustrated by her experiences with the quality of treatment services across the Greater Toronto area. Working as a Behavior Analyst for over 15 years at various therapy facilities in Ontario, it was a challenge for her to find a therapeutic centre that provides high quality services in the private sector.

Over the course of her career, there was years of discussion with friends and family to open a treatment facility that provides this high quality with a multi-disciplinary approach. With such a facility that provides the positive aspects of services for children and their families, Ms. Carol Chang decided to begin “I Believe In Miracles Inc.” with her clinical expertise and with the assistance of her business coach. I Believe In Miracles began in 2010 offering home-based therapy and now grown to a centre-based location in Markham, Ontario.

As I Believe In Miracles Inc. continues to expand, its mission remains focused onto high quality of service with support from a multi-disciplinary team.